Monday, April 03, 2006

Pydev Release 1.0.4

Just released!

The 'major problem I had in this release is that the cvs at sourceforge is down (for some days already), so, I had to set up the code in a local cvs, and will sync it as soon as they the service is up again. Unfortunatelly, they have no dates or estimates on when will it be fixed (and so, the code will not be available until then).

On the good side, this release had some major features for both versions.

The major features added are:

- In Pydev Extensions, you can have a shell binded to the editor (and I dedicated my 1st screencast to it:

- In the Open source version, there is the new indentation engine and the possibility of scripting pydev with jython (I've created an article for it at:

So, I'm expecting feedback on the scripting engine. Also, I intend on doing some place so that anyone can contribute its own scripts to pydev -- currently, pydev-code is the place to go for that, and for help on how to create your own scripts.

Hope you enjoy,


p.s. I've also changed some things in the layout of the blog -- mainly, the relevant links where put in the start of the page, as well as the RSS link (which was something that popped up once in a while).


Ed Burnette said...

FYI, I had a problem today with PyDev not working without installing the extensions. You might want to check that in the latest update.

Fabio Zadrozny said...

Hi Ed, I've just tried it (got a clean Eclipse and installed just the open source version and did not have any problems with it).

What exactly was your problem?



Ed Burnette said...

I was running an older version of PyDev, updated it yesterday, restarted the workbench, and got a bunch of 'class not found' type errors in the log (give me your email addr and I'll mail it). So I did another update, this time with 'search for new features' instead of 'search for updates'. It downloaded the pydev extensions, I restarted the workbench, and then PyDev started working. But then I started getting the nag screens for the extensions. I'm running 3.2M6.

Fabio Zadrozny said...

Well, I still have not discovered why Eclipse just 'goes crazy' when updating in the latest versions.

I've put a word about it on the install manual (with the found solution, that I know is far from perfect -- in the end of the page):

That applies to both versions (open source and pydev extensions), but I couldn't reproduce that consistently... It is like if it finds that it is another pydev, just because it was gotten from another location, and then Eclipse just does not find the classes... I'm working to discover the actual cause, and am working to fix it ASAP.

As for the nag screens, I know it is not a great solution... a better copy-protection environment could be added, but unfortunatelly, it requires more time to implement, and I wanted to concentrate on other bugs and features...

But I think I could make it still softer without much effort -- well, it is still soft... the vi plugin guy makes a pop for each 60 secs ;-)

So, would you consider using if it was something as:

Pop on 30 min the 1st time after the plugin is activated and then after each 120 min?
-- so, in 8 hours (a days work) you'd have 4 pops... I believe it wouldn't be that much (surely you could endure that for a month of evaluation, and in the other way, would also be enough so that you do not use it forever without licensing).

Ed Burnette said...

That's still too annoying.

How about just checking and giving a dialog once each time the plug-in is activated (so once per Eclipse session)? And allow OK / escape / close button immediately. That would not be too annoying.

Eric Wittmann said...

Well that would sorta defeat the purpose of the nag screen then eh? That's essentially asking him to make it free. If you don't want the nag screens to come up, pony up the 42 bucks and you'll never see them again.

Ed Burnette said...

It would defeat the purpose of the 'nag' screen by making it into more of a 'reminder' screen. You could make it come up once a day for people who keep Eclipse up all the time, but if you do that, then at least make it wait until they're actually *doing* something with the software before it pops up.

Well, that's just my opinion, it's your program and you do what you need to.

If I were a python programmer I'd consider the $42 but just playing around like I'm doing right now I'll stick with the free version. Which, by the way, works again now that I completely wiped out all the old versions of PyDev and reinstalled.

Thanks for the nice plug-in.