Thursday, October 03, 2013

First LiClipse public release

The crowdfunding at the start of this year ( had 2 targets, one was keeping the PyDev development going (which is going strong), and the other was creating a base to complement PyDev when dealing with other languages and providing some enhancements in the form of another plugin (LiClipse) which I thought were crucial to keep the Eclipse ecosystem healthy (and in return PyDev too).

Well, today I've just made the first LiClipse public release (it was in a closed Alpha so far). For me it's now the easiest way to get started on PyDev (as LiClipse bundles PyDev and has native standalone installers for Windows/Mac OS/Linux), besides providing support for common languages which often go with Python development (such as HTML, JavaScript, CoffeScript, Django Templates, RST, etc.), improved theming support and multi-edition (which may seem a minor thing, but it does make a number of workflows much more straightforward to me, so, I can hardly think about developing without it anymore).

More details on: and its homepage: