Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Just wanted to say that I'll be traveling from November 15th-30th... So, if I don't answer your e-mails in a timely manner during that period, please be patient, as I'll only have limited internet access...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Next steps

Well, one natural way to go would be improving the package explorer (yes, it's still in beta), so, I hope to improve it for the next version...

Note: I'm currently getting used to put things I need to do in pydev in FreeMind I think it's a pretty nice tool for planning stuff... Many of the notes I have could probably become feature requests, but I find it nicer to manage those issues through FreeMind, as it is much less bureaucratic and I have a much better view on what needs to be done -- although I don't think it is suited for bug management... for which a bug-reporting tool such as the one sourceforge provides is probably better.

So, in my notes, the things that need to be achieved in the package explorer are:
- Creating a filter for .pyc files
- Working with a working set
- Seeing the modules in a flat layout

After getting those implemented and testing it more, then I'd stop calling it beta ;-)

Pydev 1.2.5 released

This release has been pretty nice... It features an early release of a Pydev Package Explorer, using the Eclipse CNF (Common Navigator Framework) -- it still has some rough edges, but I hope to have that fixed for the next release...

Also, some contributions were pretty nice... Gergely Kis provided a patch for creating a '.pydevproject' file with the configuration for the project pythonpath and another for having a 'default interpreter' option when running some file and Gregory Golberg provided a patch for a 'quick-display' selected variable when debugging (Ctrl+Shift+D)

And as usual... there were also some bug-fixes.