Thursday, August 19, 2010

Django Templates Editor

Note: The new recommended way of having a Django Templates Editor is by using LiClipse: (which is a commercial counterpart made to keep PyDev supported, as such it has PyDev standalone and a bunch of other goodies builtin).

Aptana Studio 3 still has PyDev and its own Django Templates Editor, but the bundled PyDev version is not kept up to date.

Below are more details on the integration on Aptana Studio 3 (using the Aptana Themes)

The highlighted tokens are the ones defined in the templates in the "Django tags" context (so, tags to be highlighted can be added or removed).

Also, there's code completion based on templates for the django-templates related stuff and pretty nice html completions inherited from the Aptana html editor.

The image below shows the html completions, a django-templates template completion and its result and a django-templates template completion for the filters.

That's it for now. Please grab it and let me know if it's working or if there's a bug lying around there so that it can be fixed before the official release :)

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Pydev 1.6.1 released

This release was anticipated a bit because of a critical fix to the debugger, which was not working in python 3 (the thread module was renamed to _thread and this wasn't properly dealt with).

Also noteworthy in Pydev 1.6.1:

There are actions to restart the last launch (Ctrl+Shift+F9 in pydev editor) and terminate all launches (Ctrl+Alt+F9 in pydev editor). Buttons were also added in the console output view of pydev launches to activate those (so, it's now easier to restart a given launch after code-changes).

2to3 is now integrated in pydev. To use it right click a folder or file and choose the menu "Pydev > Apply 2 to 3".