Friday, October 29, 2004

New Release

New release is on the way...

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it this fryday, anyway, if I don't, in the beggining of the next week it should be out... Most bugs corrected... I think (and added builders to it, so, now we can have pylint and get the todo tasks from python files!!)

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Release 0.7.1

Wow, that's the first release I did... It really takes a lot of time...
But I think it was worth it...
A whole new feature was introduced (code coverage) and the ability to run all below a module is really a helper for me...

Other sweet things like the content assist (Ctrl+F1)... I'm not really sure that's it's name... but, well, that's something I use A LOT (in Java I think it's one of the best features - competing with refactoring and code completion).

Well, release acomplished. Next thing I will probablly do is integration with pychecker as I think it could really be helpful (still not sure on the best way to present it to the user - so, if you have any suggestions, please contribute them...)

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Code Completion

Well, code completion is something I'm really not happy with... it should be more responsive and not depend on a shell all the time... (it could depend on a shell to get some info, but that's

Links to help me on doing it better...

dependency graph analysis in python

Friday, October 08, 2004

Code Coverage

Right now, I'm playing with code coverage on pydev...

It should work in the following way: user runs something saying that he wants to make code coverage.

Many runs can be done. (Probably he would want to run all the files that match some criteria).

After, he goes to a new view and is able to get that information, seeing the data for all below a certain folder or for a selected file.

Useful links for eclipse development

General on eclipse

Using SWT tree (showing dir structure)

Friday, October 01, 2004

Content Assist on pydev

Hi... content assist is one of the things I use most when editing Java, and I really miss that when editing python, so, I started some days ago an implementation trying to do some stuff on this.

It is really far from complete... current status is:

When you Ctrl+1 on any line it tries to give some good hints on which code it can produce from the line:

Features available:
- Assign to new local variable (tries to guess some combination or just assigns 'result')
- Assign to new field (tries to guess some combination or just assigns 'result')
- Create new method (in class) - when you're in a class and write something like,a) - it creates method def foo(a,b):pass

- when we're not within a class, it should not offer the assign to new field suggestion
- Create class (if we had a new class wizard, it could use it and import it here)
- Create new method (in module)

well, list goes on... later I'll add more to it...

First Post

This is still only a first try to give some information on what I'm doing in the pydev plugin.

I will try to give some information on it and on the pitfalls I encouter in my way...