Friday, October 01, 2004

Content Assist on pydev

Hi... content assist is one of the things I use most when editing Java, and I really miss that when editing python, so, I started some days ago an implementation trying to do some stuff on this.

It is really far from complete... current status is:

When you Ctrl+1 on any line it tries to give some good hints on which code it can produce from the line:

Features available:
- Assign to new local variable (tries to guess some combination or just assigns 'result')
- Assign to new field (tries to guess some combination or just assigns 'result')
- Create new method (in class) - when you're in a class and write something like,a) - it creates method def foo(a,b):pass

- when we're not within a class, it should not offer the assign to new field suggestion
- Create class (if we had a new class wizard, it could use it and import it here)
- Create new method (in module)

well, list goes on... later I'll add more to it...

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