Tuesday, May 20, 2014

PyDev 3.5.0 released

PyDev 3.5.0 is now available...

The main feature in this release relates to improvements to work with py.test (note: those that want to use it have to enable it in the PyUnit preferences -- besides having to install it properly in the used Python installation).

Mainly, the integration was changed so that the py.test xdist plugin can be properly used and module/session scoped fixtures should also work properly. The PyUnit UI in the preferences was also changed to show the preferences related to py.test when it's shown.

Still, there are other improvements: the Model.objects from django 1.7 is now available on code-completion again (as the static analyzer couldn't cope with it there are workarounds in the code), private attributes (those starting with '__') are now shown when hovering over it on the debugger and there's a bunch of other bug-fixes and minor features available (see http://pydev.org for details).

Also, for those that don't know, there's an ongoing crowdfunding to keep PyDev support going on: http://tiny.cc/pydev-2014...

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Crowdfunding for PyDev and new Python profiler UI (for any IDE)

Ok, I just started a crowdfunding project (at http://tiny.cc/pydev-2014) for the continued development of PyDev and the creation of a new profiler UI.

This is actually the 2nd crowdfunding for PyDev after Appcelerator stopped supporting it. Last year a similar crowdfunding allowed me to keep on developing PyDev until now, as well as creating a new PyDev/Eclipse bundle called LiClipse, which added lightweight support for several languages as well a dark theme inside Eclipse.

So, now I'm reaching out again for the PyDev community to allow me to keep on developing PyDev and shaping the Python landscape.

This year when planning what to do and filtering on existing requests, one of the things that stood up was providing proper support for profiling in PyDev.

After tinkering with the idea a bit and trying to find out how I think would be the best way for this workflow, I've settled on creating a separate tool and then integrating it properly in PyDev... not only this approach will allow Pythonistas that don't use PyDev to have a nice profiling companion, but I think it'll also yield better results than doing it all inside of Eclipse -- besides, I'll be able to do it all in Python!

So, this is the main feature I've planned for this year, but there are others too which are more focused on PyDev itself, such as having preferences per-project, migrating to a new workspace, validating docstrings for its type on a test run, external pep8 linter, vertical lines for indentation, attach debugger to running process -- besides the usual bugfixing and support.

So, please help in funding (and sharing) at http://tiny.cc/pydev-2014 to help in making the new profiler UI a reality and to keep PyDev going strong!