Tuesday, May 20, 2014

PyDev 3.5.0 released

PyDev 3.5.0 is now available...

The main feature in this release relates to improvements to work with py.test (note: those that want to use it have to enable it in the PyUnit preferences -- besides having to install it properly in the used Python installation).

Mainly, the integration was changed so that the py.test xdist plugin can be properly used and module/session scoped fixtures should also work properly. The PyUnit UI in the preferences was also changed to show the preferences related to py.test when it's shown.

Still, there are other improvements: the Model.objects from django 1.7 is now available on code-completion again (as the static analyzer couldn't cope with it there are workarounds in the code), private attributes (those starting with '__') are now shown when hovering over it on the debugger and there's a bunch of other bug-fixes and minor features available (see http://pydev.org for details).

Also, for those that don't know, there's an ongoing crowdfunding to keep PyDev support going on: http://tiny.cc/pydev-2014...


Unknown said...

I don't know if this is a bug but it had me scratching my head for ages (sorry, couldn't find a suitable link on the website).

This didn't happen in my last install so maybe it's a 3.5.0 bug/feature?

When you go to preferences for window\preferences\pydev\interpreters\Python

and select auto-config you get an error finding python.exe

Despite being within the standard Python preference (not iron/j python) it still tries to find jpython and fails.

You have to go to the top level preference and untick all the relevant tick boxes. This isn't in the install instructions and isn't exactly obvious or intuitive given you are trying to auto configure from a specific python and the button is there not the top level.

Hope this helps.

Fabio Zadrozny said...

Hi Neil,

I don't think I followed the issue properly... (I didn't get what unchecking things in the top level preference has to do with configuring the interpreters on Python).

Also, this isn't the best place to report issues (the PyDev tracker is at: https://sw-brainwy.rhcloud.com/tracker/PyDev/ ), so, can you report there so that we can follow the chat there?

Mario Lacunza said...

Thanks for a great job, the last update are killing my Eclipse Kepler installation, just run it and crahs after loading pydev interface.

Before of last upgrade all was fine.

Im using Ubuntu 14.04 64bits Eclipse Kepler. Here my command line, if you need more info please tell me(mlacunza AT gmail DOT com) thanks!

mario@mario-aspire-4752:~/Programas/eclipse$ ./eclipse
No bp log location saved, using default.
[000:000] Browser XEmbed support present: 1
[000:000] Browser toolkit is Gtk2.
[000:000] Using Gtk2 toolkit
[000:001] No bp log location saved, using default.
[000:001] Browser XEmbed support present: 1
[000:001] Browser toolkit is Gtk2.
[000:001] Using Gtk2 toolkit
No bp log location saved, using default.
[000:000] No bp log location saved, using default.

Fabio Zadrozny said...

Hi Mario, this issue seems unrelated to PyDev... if you use LiClipse (http://brainwy.github.io/liclipse/), do you have the same error?