Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pydev 1.3.1 released (and Mylar integration)

Bug-fixes for everyone ;-)

I'm finally getting into how the package explorer should be used (after lots and lots of pitfalls)... the flat view is still not there, but all the other things should be already working -- I'm using it everyday, and have not seen a glitch in it in quite some, time, so, I think it can already be considered stable.

There's also a feature created for the mylar integration (you still have to add *.pyc files to the resources that mylar should ignore -- I've already submitted them a patch so that this is done automatically when using it), but aside from that it should be working well (it was actually pretty easy to integrate -- but it's still only integrated in the module level and not in the class/method level -- which I actually don't find myself using very much when using java anyways, so, I don't consider that a big hindrance).

So, enjoy...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Strange Out-of-memory errors

In the last couple of days (ever since I installed mylar -- which is a great plugin for managing tasks and related contexts -- but currently only integrates with the navigator in pydev), eclipse has been hard-crashing... and the error log said: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space (this is in jdk 1.5... in jdk 1.4 it would not say 'PermGen space', and would just say 'OutOfMemoryError'), so, after searching for it, it appears that there is some memory that the jvm uses just to store class definitions and other things that are permanent in the application, so, raising the usual -Xmx256m flag does not cover for it... you need to set: "-XX:MaxPermSize=128m" to raise that memory (the default is 64 mb).

This is probably only an issue for people that use many plugins (like I do), and therefore have many classes loaded in the jvm... so, it's nice to keep an eye open about it ;-)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Fresh pydev release: 1.3.0

Yeap, it's out... the package explorer now only has 1 minor glitch (still related to the actions, because they are not correctly synched with the selection in the tree, but it won't apply it wrong or anything -- just sometimes it will expand an item in the tree when it shouldn't -- hopefully that's the last one, as the others should be already fixed in this release)

And the extensions had one nice feature added: Find Occurrences: just select some word in the editor and press Ctrl+Shift+G and wait up to see the occurrences in your workspace (if you do that and then make a replace in the search view, it is almost the same as the rename refactoring -- but some people might like that better because you can cycle with Ctrl+. and review the occurrences in an open editor -- which sometimes in nicer than in the refactoring wizard)

The only drawback in that approach is if you want to rename a module... the search view still has to be customized to show python specific info, such as the module, class or method where the occurrence was found, etc -- because currently it will treat as if it was the return of a text-search and it would be nice if that context info could be shown in the search result -- but as it is, it's already quite handy.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Pydev 1.2.9 released

Yeap... released just a few hours after 1.2.8 (to fix a packaging error).

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Packaging error in 1.2.8

Ok, there's a packaging error in 1.2.8 -- basically, the retroweaver jar was not included correctly in the org.python.pydev.refactoring plugin... It should be fixed shortly...



Pydev 1.2.8 released

Ok, the new release is out.

It has a number of nice things, with some particularly interesting highlights -- just a few will be commented on, so, check the pydev and the pydev extensions homepage for more details.

- Code-completion: many minor and major details were taken care of... from the fixes to make it work with the emacs mode from the 'always on' mode -- which starts the completion whenever you start typing...

- PEPTIC refactoring engine integration... it substitutes the extract method from BRM, and adds some other nice refactorings (Alt+Shift+T will bring a pop-up with the available ones).

- Package Explorer: keeps getting better ;-)