Sunday, August 02, 2020

PyDev 7.7.0 released (mypy integration improvements, namespace packages)

This release brings multiple improvements for dealing with type hints as well as improvements in the Mypy integration in PyDev:

The MYPYPATH can now be set automatically to the source folders set on PyDev and the --follow-imports flag is set to silent by default (this flag is required because only one file is analyzed at a time in PyDev as failing to do so would end up showing errors for other files).

Personally, I think that with Python 3.8 it's finally possible to actually use Python type hints properly (due to the typing.Protocol -- a.k.a Duck typing -- support), so, more improvements are expected in that front on PyDev itself.

This release also brings many other improvements, such as support for pip-installed namespace packages, debugger fixes, support for parsing with the latest version of Cython and support for the latest PyTest.

There are actually many other minor improvements and bug-fixes in this release too. Check the release notes at for more details!


Thanks to Luis Cabral, who is now helping in the project for doing many of those improvements (and to the Patrons at which enabled it to happen).

Thanks for Microsoft for sponsoring the debugger improvements, which are also available in Python in Visual Studio and the Python Extension for Visual Studio Code.