Friday, October 07, 2005

High speed debugger

Wow, fasten your seat belts... the debugger has boosted a *LOT* in speed.

I didn't actually measure how much did it speed in a very good way, but with the latest changes, I got the following results for starting an application of mine:

In the previous way, it spent about 44 secs to load.
Now, it only took 5 (and usually it takes 2.5). So, it can almost be considered a 9 times faster debugger :-)

Well, this will be available in the next release (, so, wait for it... probably next week it will be out.

Now, on to what was the major speed-up:

Pydev was setting the tracing function on any context it entered, even if it was nowhere near to a breakpoint. Now, it will only trace functions that have breakpoints near it (this currently means that it will trace any context in a file that has a breakpoint). And we only trace other contexts if we are in 'step' mode.

Pydev probably has other available speed ups, but there will probably be no fix that will speed it up as much as this change...