Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Next steps

Well, one natural way to go would be improving the package explorer (yes, it's still in beta), so, I hope to improve it for the next version...

Note: I'm currently getting used to put things I need to do in pydev in FreeMind I think it's a pretty nice tool for planning stuff... Many of the notes I have could probably become feature requests, but I find it nicer to manage those issues through FreeMind, as it is much less bureaucratic and I have a much better view on what needs to be done -- although I don't think it is suited for bug management... for which a bug-reporting tool such as the one sourceforge provides is probably better.

So, in my notes, the things that need to be achieved in the package explorer are:
- Creating a filter for .pyc files
- Working with a working set
- Seeing the modules in a flat layout

After getting those implemented and testing it more, then I'd stop calling it beta ;-)

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