Thursday, April 06, 2006

Release 1.0.5

Ok, 1.0.5 was released yesterday... I've released it again in such a short time because the indentation engine had some minor quirks (and when it is something you use as much as indenting, even little things can become a major nuisance).

And besides, there were some other nice things such as being able to add vm arguments when running a module and a way to kill the python shells pydev has running for code-completion/refactoring purposes.

Most people probably will never use the 'kill shells' feature, but if you're doing compiled modules, you might be interested... When you're doing compiled modules, you'll not be able to link the library if it is currently being used from a python shell (as the code-completion shell), so, this was added so that you don't need to use the task manager (in windows) or to a shell in unix to kill those processes.

Pydev Extensions didn't have any major change -- I did only some minor changes to the time the pop-up pops for non-licensed versions -- removing it altogether or making it softer than what it is now beats the whole concept of having it anyway... Which as most should know is not annoying users, but raising money to keep pydev (open source and commercial) alive... So, if you don't like it, you can either license it (and see it vanish) or stay with the open source version -- both versions have been growing a lot lately ;-)


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Anonymous said...

Big Thanks Fabio!
Keep Up The Good Work!
Greetz From Hungary.
Best Regards :
Károly Bunda