Monday, April 24, 2006

New release (1.0.6) and targets for 1.1

Ok, release 1.0.6 is out. I hope you enjoy it. This one had only few features added, and centered more on bug-fixes.

There was one bug found that should be corrected by those that got version 1.0.6. It is a simple fix, but could save you some headache until the next release comes out:

Go to org.python.pydev/pysrc/ -- line 191 on:
doc = inspect.getdoc( obj )

and make
doc = inspect.getdoc( obj )
doc = ''

Yeah, didn't know that could throw an exception (I guess that's one of the difference between checked vs unchecked exceptions... Altough I surely don't miss declaring them in python -- even in java, I'm currently using almost only RuntimeExceptions, and only make checked Exceptions on a few selected cases).

This fix is because when trying to get some info on compiled modules, inspect.getdoc could go nuts ;-)

So, basically the target for 1.1 will be on making what pydev has so far as stable as possible, as well as adding support to Eclipse 3.2. So, probably in the next 1-2 months, the releases should be centered on bug-fixes and profiling (to make what we have faster...), and maybe some minor features.

I'll probably have to swell onto the grammar, as I believe that's one of the most used parts of pydev...

-- so, does anyone have any decent profiler to reccomend? I've already evaluated JProbe, which I thought did a good job (I've been able to do some nice enhancements based on its reports), but did not buy it after the evaluation period ended (I've gone to their website and was not even able to see how much it was... I've found a 'buy' link at the top of the page, but it didn't show info about JProbe, and then after about more 5 minutes browsing in their page to find how much it was my patience ended and I decided to go looking for something else).


DiGi said...

I still have troubles with 1.0.6 release... 1.0.5 works fine:

Fabio Zadrozny said...

Could you report that as a bug? Also, I'd need more information on your configuration, and on what exactly are you trying to do...

DiGi said...

Sorry for only few informations...

It's happend somewhere inside our EA-DB interface...

I found part where it is maybe happend, but it is odd.

If you can, please contact me by mail, replace .googlepages with @gmail on that url ;)