Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New release is coming...

Ok, as usual, there are lot's of things happening in the Pydev world, so, let me tell you what you can expect for the new release...

1. Indentation: Just 1 word: 'Wow'
-- I don't even recognize it anymore ;-)

2. Jython scripting: you'll be able to script pydev with Jython (I've already wrote a longer post about this one, so, I'll keep it short).

3. Pydev Extensions got itself a console that you can use integrated with the editor (so, you can have all the interactive stuff from a prompt, and the editing features of Pydev) -- and you can always use it as a regular console if you want.

4. This one is a minor compared to the others (but still, noteworthy): Ctrl+. gets you to the next problem marker found in the document.

So, those are going to be the major features for the next release... I expect to release it next monday, so, keep tuned.


Kevin Menard said...

Great news about the indenter. I'm also glad to see that feature requests do get paid attention to :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, does your blog have an RSS feed?


Fabio Zadrozny said...