Monday, March 13, 2006

New Pydev release: 1.0.3

Ok, this one contains some 'amenities' in the editor (in both versions):

- You're able to change the color and style of class and function names
- There is auto-dedent on elif and else

And in the Pydev Extensions version:

- added an 'open declaration' quick outline... (I was REALLY missing that when programming in python).

Basically, it opens a dialog with all the classes, methods and attributes (even if not top-level) and shows all so that you can go directly to some declaration (the keybinding is Ctrl+Shift+T -- and you need focus on the Pydev Editor).

So, enjoy your new features!



p.s. some bugs were fixed too ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Fabio,

I've been using PyDev for quite some time. It's excellent. Nice work.

I'm confused by something in this post and at the PyDev Extensions site: it seems to me that you keep referring to multiple "versions" of PyDev. Here, "versions" doesn't refer to 1.x.x, but to an Open Source and a non-Open Source version.

In this post, you say "some 'amenities' in the editor (in both versions):"

On the PyDev Extensions page you say the extensions work "with Eclipse and the Pydev 'Open Source' version."

I've looked, but I can only find a single version of PyDev: the Open Source version.

Am I misreading your posts or am I just not looking hard enough for a non-Open Source version of PyDev?

Thanks for a response.

Thank you even more for the excellent work on PyDev.

-- Tom
Germantown, MD, USA

Fabio Zadrozny said...

Hi Tom,

Have you checked:

That page should point you to the update page that contains the 2 versions:

And the zips to the 2 versions:

The install manual is at:
(the 5th snapshot shows the 2 versions on the update page).

So, I hope you're able to grab it without any problems ;-)



Anonymous said...

Hi, Fabio,

OK, so it is me.

You're treating the PyDev Extensions as the "Non-Open Source version" of PyDev and the core PyDev Plug-in as the "Open Source version" of PyDev.

In my confused little brain, I was thinking of them as separate products, expecting to find a another PyDev core plug-in that was somehow different than the current PyDev plug-in.

So, yes, I've found both versions and I've registered the extensions.

Thanks for clarifying this for me.

-- Tom