Sunday, September 25, 2005

So, what's next?

Long time since the last release... Well, next week (probably on monday or tuesday) a new release should come out. This will be mostly some nice 'minor' features (which make some lives so much easier) and some bug-fixes.

I'm still thinking about what should be the next implementation cycle for pydev... (especially since the time I'm putting on it is starting to shorten -- last month with OctetString support it advanced a lot -- even more to jython users).

There are still some things that they might want to have, so, who knows... I might be able to spend one more month with pydev in 'high-priority' mode :-)

Anyway, for those that use pydev, isn't there something you'd like to have enough for paying for its development? Or otherwise, isn't the current state of pydev enough for some donation? Well, just wanted to remind you that altough pydev is open-source, nothing is actually 'free'... so, if you do like and use it, a donation would be surely welcome (and if you use it professionally, how about trying to persuade your superior to make a little investment in your tools and help funding pydev? -- depending on the 'size' of the donation, you could also get some space in the homepage)



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