Monday, September 05, 2005


The release is out, but only partially...

I'm still trying to add it as a zip in sourceforge, but for some reason sf is way tooooooooooo slow today... so, I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it... anyway, those that were expecting java 1.4 support can already use the new release by getting it from the update manager.




smartkiwi said...

I have problems with slooooow SF too - cannot even open page with PyDev's User forum
So if you don't mind I'll ask question here:
Today I've downloaded pydev 9.8.1 and start debugging with it
And I have following problem - debug starts, script is runnung, I can open Debug perspective.
But - debugger is not stopping on breakpoints I've set to script code.
It is possible to Pause script run and do step by step debug but it is not possible to debug script from the beginning or from required breakpoint.

I'm running PyDev under Eclipse SDK Version: 3.1.0 Build id: I20050627-1435
And Java RE 1.5

Could you please tell me where to look/check to make pydev debug stop on breakpoints? Please let me know if any additional info is required to track the problem.

smartkiwi said...

Sorry for bothering
I've found solution here:

I found the cause of "breakpoint ignorance".
The problem is in case-sensitivity of filenames.
If we call Eclipse with "-data d:\myprojects\" and try to debug "d:\myprojects\" - all ok.
If we call Eclipse with "-data d:\myprojects\science" and try to debug "D:\myprojects\" - breakpoints ignored.
I hope this information will be useful for someone as unlucky as me.

Sincerely, Stas Fomin.


Fabio Zadrozny said...

Hi, please, report that as a bug in the sf tracker.



Army's BLog said...

review of six python IDEs :