Friday, September 02, 2005

Release 0.9.8

Yeap, came out already!

This release had many, many fixes and new features, both in the python and jython part.

The major highlight in jython was that there is now a debugger supported for jython (the only available in an IDE that I know of so far...).

And for python users, I finally got some time to mess around with the grammar I'm using, so, you can now have decorators, the new import syntax and list comprehension in tuples and method calls (I believe this has some other name in this context, but I don't know which, so, I hope you understood...heheheh).

There were many, many changes in this release aside from those mentioned, so, bug-reports are expected (many were fixed already), so, a release will be done shortly with bug-fixes for it.



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Jonathan Ellis said...

"list comprehension in tuples and method calls"

these are called "generator expressions," since the elements comprising the result of the expression are generated as-needed.