Wednesday, November 30, 2016

PyDev 5.4.0 (Python 3.6, Patreon crowdfunding)

PyDev 5.4.0 is now available.

The main new feature in this release is support for Python 3.6 -- it's still not 100% complete, but at least all the new syntax is already supported (so, for instance, syntax and code analysis is already done, even inside f-strings, although code-completion is still not available inside them).

Also, it's now possible to launch modules using the python '-m' flag (so, PyDev will resolve the module name from the file and will launch it using 'python -m'). Note that this must be enabled at 'Preferences > PyDev > Run'.

The last feature which I think is noteworthy is that the debugger can now show return values (note that this has a side-effect of making those variables live longer, so, if your program cares deeply about that, it's possible to disable it in Preferences > PyDev > Debug).

Now, for those that enjoy using PyDev, I've started a crowdfunding campaign at Patreon: so that PyDev users can help to keep it properly maintained... Really, without the PyDev supporters:, it wouldn't be possible to keep it going -- thanks a lot! Hope to see you at too ;)

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