Thursday, November 03, 2016

PyDev 5.3.1 (bugfix release)

PyDev 5.3.1 is now out.

This is mostly a bugfix release.

It fixes a regression added on 5.3.0 where Ctrl+1 was not properly resolving symbols from dependent projects, code analysis on a particular case with PEP 448 (list unpacking), auto-indents async and await blocks, highlights async and await blocks and fixes an issue in the code completion using aliases.

It does have one new feature in which Ctrl+Shift+O (which fixes unresolved tokens by adding the needed imports) uses the improved sorting also used for the code-completion (so that tokens from the project appear before tokens from other projects, which in turn appear before tokens from the standard library). Also, the substring completion is now on by default (it may be turned off in the code-completion preferences).

Enjoy ;)

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Thank you man.

You are amazing!