Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Preparing for upcoming release (testers needed)

Pydev 1.5.5 is getting near a new release. The current nightly build ( should be the released version if no critical bugs are found until Thursday.

The major highlights for this release are:

1. The contents of the interpreter PYTHONPATH are all shown in the Pydev Package explorer (so, the contents of those modules can be seen, including zip file contents)

2. Predefined completions can be used in Pydev. Those are plain Python 3.0 files with the interface for modules, and there's a choice where Pydev creates those files from QScintilla .api files (see: unpublished instructions at git for more details)

3. The find/replace dialog in Pydev has a new button which can be used for finding the current string being searched for in the currently opened editors (although because of an Eclipse limitation it doesn't work on external files, just editors opened with files under a project).

4. Improved hover support for compiled modules.

Well, that's it for this release.

For the next release, the focus will be on a special Django integration in Pydev.

Leo Soto has been working for some time on it already and I was eagerly waiting for it (available at http://github.com/leosoto/Pydev/tree/bingo), so, the next release will be integrating that branch into Pydev and making it as smooth as possible for Django developers inside of Pydev.


Ramonster said...


I tried it and it seemed to work OK, but this morning I get a repeatable hang on code-completion.

I'll file a bug once I find the sourceforge tracker again (and my sourceforge creds) but any pointers on how to provide you with sensible debug info would be welcome.

It's a full hang, so I can't access the code-completion log

Fabio Zadrozny said...

Just seen the report. Please see: http://pydev.org/faq.html#how_do_i_report_a_bug on how to provide the needed info on a hang.

Anonymous said...

This version is working great for us.

Thanks Fabio!

Trent Johnson
O'Reilly School of Technology

Anonymous said...

Arrggh.. In 1.5.5 Find/Replace dialog gets disabled after a few edits! And after that it gets re-enabled but stops working.

And quite often Eclipse/Pydev (3.2.2, Ubuntu version: 3.2.2-5ubuntu3, with Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_13-b03)) just hangs for seconds in a row.

Basic editing functionality seems to be broken. I'm off to vim.

Unknown said...

Uh... I see that Find/Replace is already fixed in the nightly (1.5.6) build. You should really think about pulling the plug on 1.5.5. Find/Replace IS a core functionality and it is badly broken in 1.5.5.