Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Django on Pydev (take #2)

It's nice that the previous post on Django on Pydev made so many people happy :)

There were many comments and I decided for writing a separate post to answer those and explain a bit better what should be the final state of the integration.

1. Django templates

There will be a special editor for that, but this will not be in the next release. This editor will be based upon the new Aptana Studio 3 (if you don't know about it, there's a preview explaining it at http://vimeo.com/channels/radrails#9895797). Initially it may be simpler (at least syntax highlighting and outline) and it should shape to have code-completion and other features in the future.

2. Custom Django actions

A new nightly has just been pushed with support for any custom action to manage.py. There's still room for improvement, like automatically going through the manage.py help and executing a command or asking help on that, but this won't be available for the upcoming release.

3. Code Analysis of Django

Most things should work as it is now, but I'm waiting for bug-reports saying what exactly Pydev fails to acknowledge on Django.

And that's it for the current plans... if there are more suggestions, they're very welcome!


Sargis said...

Thanks for the updates. Having support for Django templates would be great. I created my first project (Food Prints) with PyDev and Web Tools Platform (WTP) for HTML, CSS and JS editing. I'm now using Django docs to find usage examples and quick help. If this can be integrated with PyDev, it will be very helpful. Thanks!

Yuri Baburov said...

Some people (including me) use symlinks to link 3rd party django applications to the main project.

currently, Pydev doesn't find errors & changes in files under symlinked project folders.
Also I don't know if it was a bug or not, that Pydev didn't open files in symlinked folders properly.

And i don't know if this is Eclipse or Pydev problem, that it doesn't detect symlinked folders when you make a project or import an existing project (linux & mac os x).

Also, how are you going to detect which settings files to use in django project?
Is there such line in project settings?

Dirk said...

For me (and a few others who have posted) the nightly builds page is not accessible - it gives an HTTP 403 error. Can you check it out?


Anonymous said...

Same here, could you please check this? I would like to test the new features!

Fabio Zadrozny said...

For those having errors in the nightly, please add http://pydev.org/nightly/site.xml

It seems there's a problem in the build generation with the latest eclipse (3.6m6), which is the reason that the update site is not correct... I'll see how to fix that, but in the meanwhile http://pydev.org/nightly/site.xml should work.

Unknown said...

Having Django support in PyDev is super exciting. One of the biggest super simple features to add would be a keyboard command to restart a running launch. Because we're usually running runserver with --noreload, we have to restart the server if we make code changes. The task of finding the console tab, clicking the stop button and then clicking on the run arrow is a really big annoyance that could easily be simplified. If it was a simple keystroke the process for seeing your changes live becomes super simple.

Anonymous said...

I can not install 1.5.6!

Nightly build site contains only :

PyDev for Eclipse org.python.pydev.feature.feature.group

without Django support!

Fabio Zadrozny said...

The update site should be already ok (there was a problem, but this has been fixed already).

Julien said...

I'm using Eclipse for month and i'm actually learning Django. It's a very good news for me !
Thanks for helping us all with this excellent tools !

Federico Cáceres said...

Hi, I just discovered the new pydev 1.5.6 with Django integration, that's great news!

There's one thing that concerns me though... you mentioned that the template code completition & highlighting stuff will be based on Aptana Studio 3... what does that mean for us folks using Pydev on non-Aptana Eclipse?

Thanks for the hard work!

kRON said...

@Federico Cáceres, that would mean PyDev would simply have Aptana Studio as a dependency and it would be installed together with PyDev as any other Eclipse plugin.

Unknown said...

I have written a Django editor plugin for Eclipse: http://eclipse.kacprzak.org/

How to proceed to put it (or parts - whatever is required) into PyDev?


Fabio Zadrozny said...

See comments on