Friday, February 06, 2009

Pydev Nightly builds

Yeap, it's available for those that really want to keep up with the most up-to-date code...

The nightly build is available in the format of an update site.

The update site links to use are:

Instructions on how to use it are available at:

Until now, Pydev didn't have an easy way for people to get updates until a proper release was all wrapped up, so, this should be pretty handy for those of you expecting a bugfix -- or just wanting to experiment with the latest thing you're waiting for. Also, usually before committing I do run the Pydev test-suite (which is pretty big), so, it should be regularly pretty stable.

Another thing: I've been having some complains on people not being able to access, even with the server being up (it appears it's related to some specific providers), so, that update site can be used as a second choice if you're not currently able to access to get Pydev Extensions (also note that we're -- still -- in the process of moving Pydev things to Aptana, so, hopefully as soon as that's done, no one else will have any problems accessing the Pydev site).

A note for those expecting bugfixes: The Pydev builds now contain not only the current version, but also the repository id in the build (e.g.:, so, if the svn version for a fix is known (I usually post it when I fix a bug), you can wait for the build to get to that version and then get it ( the current nightly build version can be verified at and )


Amanda Crowe said...

eal bright spots in Eclipse are PyDev and CUSP, neither of which are PHP related. Latest nightly build as an IDE is just plain better than Eclipse. Also, it has a the benefit of the jVi plugin, which allows for text-editing Vi style.

Marcin Kuzminski said...

Hi. I made some simple customization to eclipse with pydev, i replaced the eclipse blue window icon with python logo. Maybe you're interested in doing that in some of the releases ?

There a lot of google hits on that page.
Regards Marcin

fathers day said...

Thank you for your tips! I was wondering how to make my PyDev loading itself faster, and here’s the solution :)

BTW. Why galileo, are there any differences between these eclipse’s versions except the name?