Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's out: Pydev 1.4.3

This release did have some nice features added, such as:
  • Environment variables can be set per interpreter (not having this was nasty because it forced you to have multiple workspaces running from pre-customized shells if you did require different environment variables for each of your interpreters).
  • A template can be chosen when creating a new module
  • The interactive console can start with any of the available interpreters.
  • Ctrl + 2 + --reindex can be used to recreate the internal indexes of Pydev -- this was added because of a bug -- which is described below and fixed, so, hopefully this won't be needed by anyone :)
But it focused a lot more on bug-fixing (more than 20 bugs were fixed), with a special note for:
  • The bug which made the cursor 'jump' because of some spurious selection events from the outline in Linux (so, when typing it could jump to the place you just edited and you'd start overriding it) -- special thanks to Mike Auty for providing the info needed to fix it.
  • Some racing conditions could corrupt the Pydev indexing (the effect was that the globals browser and context-insensitive code-completion would sometimes not find some tokens that were supossed to be there).

p.s.: The main update urls now only contain versions 1.4.3 and onwards (those are now using the new p2 update site structure, so, please check and to see how to obtain some earlier version -- if you ever need it)


Unknown said...

For me it doesn't work (Eclipe 3.4.1 + PyDev 1.4.3) and i have to dig to get older version. I simply cannot define a python interpreter. It is a pitty, since I was happy to get newer version of my favourite tool :)

Fabio Zadrozny said...

I'm on it...