Wednesday, November 29, 2017

PyDev 6.2.0: Interactive Console word wrapping, pytest hyperlinking

PyDev 6.2.0 is mostly a bugfix release, although it does bring some features to the table to such as adding the possibility of activating word-wrapping in the console and support for code-completion using the Python 3.6 variable typing.

Another interesting change is that pytest filenames are properly hyperlinked in the console (until now PyDev resorted to mocking some functions of pytest so that when it printed exceptions it used the default Python traceback format -- now that's no longer done).

See: for complete details.

p.s.: Thank you to all PyDev supporters -- which enable PyDev to keep on being improved!

p.s.: LiClipse 4.4.0 already bundles PyDev 6.2.0, see: for download links.

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