Wednesday, March 23, 2016

PyDev 4.5.5: code-completion, pytest, python 3 parsing, debugger

PyDev 4.5.5 is now available for download.

This release improved code completion was improved so that namedtuple is recognized (although this requires that it's fields are passed in the constructor as  a list of strings without being dynamically created) -- it should've supported super() too, but unfortunately there's still an issue in that feature (which should be solved in the next release).

This version also fixes some issues in the latest pytest integration (PyDev can use the pytest runner by enabling it in the preferences > PyDev > PyUnit and selecting pytest as the test runner), as a few things broke when used with the latest release due to some changes in pytest itself.

Another nice thing is that the parser for Python 3 now handles async and await in a backward-compatible way (as Python 3.5 does), which means it should be able to properly parse files from the Python 3.4 standard library again (which had some issues in the asyncio due to that) and fixes some of the unpacking generalizations from PEP 448 which weren't properly recognized.

Also, the UI now shows that the Python 3 parser is used from Python 3.0 to Python 3.5 (this is mostly because the adoption on Python 3 hasn't been so great so far, but now that it's becoming greater, the idea is that new versions will have a separate parser, so, when Python 3.6 is released, if it requires changes in the parser, a Python 3.6 parser will be created separate from the current parser).

And to finish, this release also fixes some issues in the debugger (the most critical related to an issue dealing with the connection to spawned processes in multiprocessing, which made debugging Celery fail under the debugger).

For LiClipse users, 2.5.4 was just released too with the latest PyDev!

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