Friday, February 06, 2015

PyDev 3.9.2 released

PyDev 3.9.2 is now out!

This version had many enhancements. The nicer one for me is that when debugging a console prompt which has history, code-completion (with tabs and Ctrl+Space), send line from editor to console with F2, PageUp to select multiple line from previous history (in sum, everything that the interactive console has) will appear for the user by default.

The image below shows it in action... As a note, the themed scrollbars are a courtesy of the latest LiClipse: (so, if you're not using LiClipse, the scrollbars will probably take up more space).

Besides this, there were many other enhancements:

  • PyVmMonitor: is now on public beta, so, you can now use the integrated profile view (Window > Show view > Other > PyDev > Profile) to profile your code.
  • The module rename refactoring can now switch to a regular rename (so it's easier to change the extension of a Python file).
  • The interactive console sends a real signal on interrupt when possible (so, it's handled immediately and works when in a sleep() call -- and not only when there some Python code executing).
  • The Cython parsing was enhanced a bit
  • When pasting contents directly in the PyDev Package Explorer, the new line delimiters are properly respected.
  • Tab settings may be saved in the project or user settings.
  • 2 critical deadlock conditions.
  • And many other things (see for more info).
I'd also like to thank the PyDev supporters: -- without your support it wouldn't be possible to keep PyDev going!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the interactive console. Have really missed having history, and executing from within such a console (the olld way) was too cumbersome.
Any way to make control go there right away when entering break? ( instead of the normal console?)

Fabio Zadrozny said...

Well, you can make it occupy 100% (there's a dropdown menu in the button you click to toggle it).

The downside is that if you do that you won't see the regular output for the process.