Thursday, September 05, 2013

PyDev 2.8.2 released. Plans for PyDev 3.

The latest PyDev release is out. Thank you to all supporters ( which make it possible for me to keep working on PyDev!

Now, before giving more details on the release, let me outline the plans for PyDev 3:

Based on the feedback from my previous post, the plan will be moving forward with PyDev 3 to support only the latest Eclipse and Java versions (i.e.: Eclipse 3.8 and Eclipse 4.3 onwards and Java 7) . So, this release may mark the last release that supports older versions of Eclipse/Java. It's possible that there are more bugfix-only releases for the PyDev 2.x series, but only if some critical bug is found.

In practice: a development_pydev2 branch was created to provide for fixes that may be needed on PyDev 2, which is now in bugfix mode and the current development branch will now target PyDev 3.

Now related to the latest 2.8.2 release, lots of things came in, so, I'll try to keep the list short on what I think is nicest :)

  • Improved docstring support for sphinx/epydoc, so, you can have a different color to mark the related markup and code-completion can be requested to show sphinx markup on docstrings (as it already did for epydoc).
  • It's possible to use PEP-8 style imports (which is now the default on organize imports) and it's also possible to configure organize imports to remove unused imports -- personally, I think that's a bit dangerous, but it can be really handy sometimes :)
  • The project configuration got much nicer. As an example, it's possible to right click some folder to mark/unark it a source folder (i.e.: add/remove it from the PYTHONPATH).

There are many other changes too (see: for details).


Anonymous said...

Any idea when Aptana Eclipse Plug-in will update their Pydev??? They are still on version 2.7.0.
Thank you, and great work as always.

Fabio Zadrozny said...

Hi Anonymous...

That's something you'll have to ask the Aptana team (it's not something I can control).



xr09 said...

Thank you for the hard work Fabio, is nice having PyDev, love it.

Anonymous said...

Pydev is awesome!

If I can make one suggestion:
The code preview when we mouse hover a variable shows the first occurence of the name. It would be nice if it also show the line before if it has a comment.
Like this:

# this variable does [...]
variable = None

It is usual to make a comment line over a declaration of a variable, and it would be really nice if that comment would also appear on the preview.
Sorry about my english and thank you for the amazing work.

Fabio Zadrozny said...


Please enter that as a feature request in -- if it stays here in the blog I probably won't remember about it when I do get time to do it :)