Tuesday, April 16, 2013

PyDev crowdfunding / LiClipse initially supported languages

Right now (30+ days elapsed on the funding), things are looking good, the PyDev/LiClipse funding already got to 70% of its target (with 354 supporters). Thank you everyone! Please keep sharing about it ;) (http://igg.me/at/liclipse)

On the PyDev side, the new tracker is still not up, but I'm working on it (so, please buffer your requests until the tracker is up... I'll provide proper links once that's done).

Regarding the initial languages to be supported in LiClipse, I'm sharing below the results of the poll so far (note: only languages with more than 15 answers are shown).

python 152
javascript 106
html 98
css 93
django templates 70
cython 53
c++ 47
c 39
jinja2 37
java 33
coffescript 27

On the total there were 50 languages voted. There was one I didn't even know about (the Ren'Py language http://www.renpy.org/ ).

I'll still leave the poll there until the end of the funding (vote on poll) to decide on the initial supported languages, but note that even if a language is not initially there, I'll put up proper docs and provide support so that anyone should be able to easily add a language there ;)


André Luiz de Amorim said...

Hi. reStructuredText was not in the list, but I think it is a nice addition, as it seems to be the main language used for python documentation.

Fabio Zadrozny said...

Hi there, I think it may be an intereting addition (maybe more due to the fact that it's different from the other languages, as it should be easy to add a language if it's not in the initial language chosen anyways... )

best crowdfunding sites said...

Good day. restructuredtext was not in the record, yet I suppose it is a superb expansion, as it appears to be the essential dialect utilized for python documentation.