Monday, January 07, 2013

Python to Javascript translation

I'm currently doing a project with a backend in Python and a client mostly in Javascript -- still not public, but if everything turns out right I'll post about it later on -- and there are some algorithms I'd like to reuse in both, but without going to a full Python in browser style (such as Pyjs or brython)... Ideally I'd like something like Coffescript (but with a Python-like syntax so that a subset of Python can be used for both Python and Javascript generation).

-- Sidenote: I decided I really have to grasp Javascript in order to find out how things work before trying an alternative language which compiles down to Javascript -- so far my experience has been nice. I found that I end up programming much more in a functional style and use classes in a very limited way (haven't felt the need for inheritance so far), although I feel that it's hard to find resources on what would be the proper way of doing things (but in the plus side, there are LOTS of javascript-related resources, so, I've hardly found myself stuck while learning it).

Anyways, I have some algorithms I've written in Python which I'd like to reuse in Javascript without having to use huge runtime with it (I'm restricting that to simple functions) and searching for a translator, I've found Pyvascript, which is a Python-like language which compiles to Javascript (so, there's only a subset of Python that can really be used, which is ok as I'm not after the ones that attempt to do full Python in Javascript and end up with a huge emulated runtime), but it does fit my needs properly with some minor changes (and now I have some code I can use in both Python and Javascript at the same time). Just to note, it doesn't seem like the project is active right now, but it does work fine for me :)


Reg360 said...

Found this post of yours, then looked into the Pyvascript option for similar reasons. I'd like to stay as close to Python as I can (because I'm just learning). As for Javascript, I've only looked at it without doing much, but it's obviously something I need to get into if I want to do anything web-related.
Well, per your comment about the state of Pyvascript development, I found RapydScript announced at The author describes it as "PyvaScript++". Seems like something I'd like to use eventually.

Chuck said...

Check out Rapydscript, which is a much improved version of Pyvascript and is being actively developed!