Thursday, June 28, 2012

PyDev 2.6.0 released

PyDev 2.6.0 is just out of the door.

Main in this release were changes in the interactive console -- and mostly by external contributors, so, it seems this feature has really picked up some traction :)

Hussain Bohra made it possible to have an interactive console bound to a debugger frame and James Blackburn did a bunch of fixes in it.

Aside from that, the default PyUnit runner has new options to include/exclude files from the test loading process and Jython has an annoying fix done (print can be used as a dotted notation) along with many other fixes (see: for more details).

Also, the PyDev official issue tracker is now the same tracker used in Aptana Studio 3: (there's a component related to PyDev there).

The issues currently on Sourceforge will be migrated to that tracker, but there's no way to make the current Sourceforge trackers read-only, so, I'm just redirecting people to the new tracker and asking not to post on the old one -- hope that works :)

It's interesting to note that now the official Eclipse release is focused on Eclipse 4.x (and not on 3.x)... the integration has already been tested, but not as much as the 3.x series, so, please report any issues found in the way.


Marcelo Fernández said...

Hello Fabio,

I'm getting this weird dependencies problem when trying to install pydev-mylyn integration in eclipse 4:

Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
Software being installed: Pydev Mylyn Integration 0.3.0 ( 0.3.0)
Missing requirement: Pydev Mylyn Integration 0.3.0 ( 0.3.0) requires 'org.eclipse.mylyn 2.0.0.v20070627-1400' but it could not be found

Is this problem a PEBKAC problem or a bug? :-)


Fabio Zadrozny said...

Well, do you have mylyn installed? (PyDev has 2 features and the PyDev-Mylyn is optional -- you only need it if you're actually using Mylyn)

Anonymous said...

Same problem as Marcelo's. Fresh installed eclipse 4.2, which I think has already included mylyn. Please check it. Thank you very much!

Fabio Zadrozny said...

Ok, just checked it again and I was able to reproduce the Mylyn issue here.

I created an issue at which can be tracked to know the status on this issue.

Fabio Zadrozny said...

Note that the only thing the integration does is make it possible to filter things in the pydev package explorer, so, if you really use that feature, you may want to use the project explorer instead in the meanwhile.

Marcelo Fernández said...

Thank you, Fabio.


Corwin said...

Getting problems running PyDev 2.6 with an older eclipse version (need to keep the older eclipse due to a Flash Builder dependency). Eclipse will not allow editing the files any more and will give the No Such Method Error on details:

An error has occurred. See error log for more details.


coolrabbit said...

thx for your working~
and I find something of "auto completion" can be developed..
for example:
package: pymongo.connection.Connection

when I typed "import pymongo.",pydev show "Connection" for candidate,but it's not legal

sorry for bad english