Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Tomorrow I'll be traveling to PyCon and I'll be staying during the 3 days of the main conference (Friday to Sunday).

So, anyone who wants to talk about PyDev, scientific programming, how to best structure a Python development environment -- or just wants to say hi, I'll be there this time :)

Just to note, currently the major projects I'm working on are:

PyDev (http://pydev.org), which I guess is pretty well known (especially if you're reading this blog), and I've been developing it for 9 years already :)

and Kraken (https://www.esss.com.br/kraken/), which is a software to do post-processing of reservoir simulations (this may be less known, but actually, I started working on PyDev to scratch my own itches while doing scientific programming in Python, and so far, Kraken is the most advanced/complex software I've worked on this area and I've been involved with its development since its beginning, around 5 years ago).

See you in Santa Clara :)

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