Monday, June 27, 2011

PyDev 2.2.0 released

It's out already.

This release is the first to add support for Eclipse 3.7 (which has just been released too).

The major feature added was the exception breakpoints handling (so, it's now possible to stop the debugger on caught or uncaught exceptions -- the UI for it may be accessed at the menu Run > Manage Python Exception Breakpoints).

The debugger should also be a bit faster (and some bugs related to multithreaded debugging were fixed).

For those using Django, some utilities were added so that it's possible to easily do a (remote) debug session with auto-reload enabled (see details at:

And as usual, a bunch of minor bugs were also fixed.


HTB said...

could you please update your update url. Aptana and eclispse seem to think 2.0 is the latest version

mz said...

Great - just had a real need for this feature - works very nicely.

Fabio Zadrozny said...

@HTB for eclipse, I checked the url and it's OK, as for Aptana, as PyDev is bundled in Aptana, you cannot update only PyDev (you have to update Aptana as o whole, which is a superset including PyDev).



GuYsH said...

Hi Fabio,
First - Love PyDev!
I do have a problem though: I'm getting tons of exceptions from the python libs before I even get to my code.
Is there a way to tell PyDev to only break on exceptions raised in my code?

Fabio Zadrozny said...

Unfortunately not directly in the UI, but there's a way to code around it... please ask at stackoverflow and I'll answer you there (this blog is not the best place for FAQs)

GuYsH said...

My question posted on