Monday, May 30, 2011

PyDev 2.1.0 released

PyDev 2.1.0 has just been released, with a few noteworthy changes:

The first change that's noteworthy is that only files opened in an editor will be code-analyzed... Until now, any file changed in the workspace would be analyzed for coding errors, which is a process that is usually fast, but there are 2 problems there:

1. if lots of files changed at once, it could still be costly to make that analysis (and on really big files, that could be a problem too)

2. there's no dependency analysis to know if a file should be re-analyzed when a given file changes, so, the actual state of warnings/errors could be misleading

Still, as sometimes it's useful to do the analysis of many files at once, it's now possible to right-click a folder in the PyDev package explorer and ask for a full code-analysis to be done (note that the re-indexing of internal information still must be done for any file changed, but this process is pretty fast).

Another nice feature added is a code-completion to override methods, so, after typing "def ", a code-completion may be requested to override a given method.

And for TDD lovers, there's now an option to relaunch the last launch in the PyUnit view whenever a file changes :)

The full details on the release may be seen at:


BigJason said...

Is this delayed for aptana studio 3 users? I hit update but it doesn't seem to find it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping up the good work.

I'm using PyDev with the Aptana plugins set (installed over Eclipse, rather than downloaded as a whole). Since version 3.0.1, there's a very disturbing lag when switching editors and especially when refocusing Eclipse itself. It's a known issue which is supposed to be resolved in the next Aptana Studio 3.0.2. Too bad the update missed the mark, which was yesterday.

It least we can take comfort in the PyDev update...

Fabio Zadrozny said...

@BigJason: The 3.0.2 Aptana Studio update should have the same things in the PyDev 2.1.0 release (although PyDev is marked 2.0.1 there, the only difference is that the version wasn't bumped up there -- because of a timing issue on my part).

@Anonymous: please report that to the Aptana team at:

Greg said...

Any chance you could implement sorting or a preference to order code assist completions?


Fabio Zadrozny said...

@Greg will add comment on bug...