Sunday, March 27, 2011

PyDev 2.0

First the latest news: PyDev 2.0 is released.

The main features introduced are:

* TDD actions similar to those available in the Eclipse Java Development Tools (i.e.: create class, method, field, module with Ctrl+1 quick fixes);

* Code-coverage support has improved a lot (note that it relies on having the coverage module from installed).

The full release notes may be found at:

Click the image below to see a short video showing these additions -- among a few other things that can be handy for those aiming to be productive using PyDev...

PyDev 2.0

Unfortunately I couldn't be at PyCon to represent PyDev this year -- where there was a panel on Python IDEs -- so, at least I got to do a video with the presentation I'd do there :)

Another nice thing is that PyDev won the “Best Developer Tool” award from the Eclipse Foundation!


BigJason said...

Any word when this update will be available for aptana studio 3 beta?

Fabio Zadrozny said...

The idea is that it'll be available later this week.

Anonymous said...

Any tutorial on getting coverage to work? I'm on Windows, Python 2.7, with the coverage module installed in site-packages. I don't have either of the two icon's in the lower right corner that the screencast clicked on to start coverage.

Fabio Zadrozny said...

Still working on the docs, but the idea is the following:

Show the coverage view: window > show view > code coverage results view

Then click on the check to enable any launch to run with the coverage (in the coverage view) and then do a launch.

You can do launches doing:

Press Ctrl+F9 to launch the current editor as a unit-test.

Press F9 to run the current editor as a regular module.

Right click a folder and select run as > python unit-test.

p.s.: If you haven't already, it might be good to follow the getting started at: (it doesn't include the coverage, but does include the launching).

ArtDijk said...

Hi, nice work. Could it be that guiqwt is not compatible with pydev2.0 ? I can't get this to work in my pydev2.0 setup.
Can you ?

pyGrant said...

Congratulations - this is an excellent and important tool.

Fabio Zadrozny said...

@ArtDijk: What exactly is not working? (please answer at as that's a better place to ask this)

Unknown said...

congrats! (from the VS/Pytools team)

Unknown said...

if Aptana Studio 3 is used, PyDev cannot be installed or update separately, as it must always be updated as a whole

As I understand:
1) PyDev nightly builds are not available for Aptana?
2) After release we must wait for Aptana maintainer to update release in Aptana repo

Fabio Zadrozny said...

@Pavel yes, the Aptana Studio releases have their own dates, so, it's possible that they are older, however, there's also a nightly build for Aptana Studio which will include the PyDev nightly build... To get it, follow the instructions at: