Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Pydev 1.4.7 released

Pydev 1.4.7 is now available for download.

Aside from the regular update site, there are new mirrors for getting pydev/pydev extensions, so the update site mirrors are available as follows: (contains both, pydev and pydev extensions) (contains only pydev) (contains only pydev) (contains only pydev extensions)

The major features (Iron Python integration and the new way of running as unit-test / running the current editor with the configured nature) were previously discussed in the following post: and are now available in this release.

Note that the Iron Python debugger is still not available in this release, but it seems that the next release of Iron Python will have the sys.settrace() support, so, there's a chance that the next Pydev version has a debugger for it.

Aside from those features, other noteworthy things in this release are:
  • the debug console can be used with the remote debugger (pydev extensions)
  • the auto-config was fixed
  • context-independent completions are now offered when the type inference is not able to get context-dependent completions on a given token (pydev extensions)
  • the google app engine integration had some fixes


Joseph Coffey said...

A long running process in the console hangs all of eclipse. This is especially problematic for scientific computations where such long run times are common. It would be great if the consoles could all run in seperate processes.

Fabio Zadrozny said...

Done. Available for 1.4.8 (svn: 2855)

Please get the next nightly build ( see ) and see if it works for you.

-- Fabio

Joseph Coffey said...

When I (or rather a coworker with the requisite permissions) updated from that link I got build It seems to still block on the console.

Fabio Zadrozny said...

1.4.7 still blocks... 1.4.8 won't block anymore (but as I said, it can only be gotten in the nightly build -- which the post: explains how to get -- although, note that it may be possible that sometimes the nightly build is broken)