Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pydev 1.4.5 released

First, I'd like to thank those that took the time to test Pydev before the official release (some bugs were fixed because of those reports).

This release had quite some work on the Python grammar error handling. The major difference for Pydev users is that operations that require a valid AST to be performed should be more reliable -- and a bit faster -- when syntax errors are present in the code (e.g.: showing the outline; requesting a code-completion -- previously some text-manipulations were performed to make a valid AST, but this was not very reliable and also required more resources, as it tried to reparse the whole buffer after each text manipulation).

The code formatter also had some work. Particularly, four requests that popped up now and then are now available:

- A context menu is provided for folders so that all files under it can be (recursively) formatted
- The code-formatting can be automatically applied when saving the editor
- A new line can be added at the end of files
- Whitespaces can be trimmed

One other area I believe deserves some attention is the Pydev Package Explorer, which was improved so that working sets can be shown as top-level items and folders without '' have a regular folder icon (instead of a package icon).

And as regularly, bug-fixes and other minor features were made available (see the Pydev homepage for more details)

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