Monday, March 30, 2009

New Pydev release soon (call for testers)

A new Pydev release should be available pretty soon... if no critical bugs are found, the current nightly build -- version -- will be the released version.

So, whoever is interested in the next release, please get the latest nightly build -- -- and check it to see if everything is working fine (so that I can provide fixes for any critical bug found before it's actually officially released).

Note that this is an attempt to have released versions more stable -- because even with a good test suite and some days of manual testing before an actual release, now and then there are still critical bugs slipping (there are way too many different scenarios and use-cases in which Pydev is used)

Sure, it's nothing like the 1-2 months of testing Eclipse goes through before a release... Actually, from submitting something up to approval in Eclipse, it usually means 6-10 months for it to be in a final release... for instance: I've just submitted a rather minor patch to make the word completion (Emacs-Style) faster -- but it'll only be patched for Eclipse 3.6... meaning that with luck it'll be available 10 months from now (because it's in API freeze now and in 2 days will stay at feature freeze and will get its 1-2 months of testing) -- but on the bright side, I can patch my own version :)

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Gunnlaugur Þór Briem said...

I've been using the 2720 build all day, no problems encountered.