Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pydev 1.3.18

The major feature on this release was the (organize imports feature, along with some bug-fixes...

There's even one bug-fix I think it's worth talking about:

Pydev was using Runtime.exec(cmd) to execute the shell/gather interpreter info, and that wasn't very portable among platforms, resulting in problems when paths contained spaces. Now, in 1.3.18, the Runtime.exec(cmd[]) (using an array to pass parameters) is being used, and that should fix the 'spaces on install' problem -- actually, there was a partial fix on 1.3.17 for that, but some places still used the wrong API... now, on 1.3.18, all places should be using the new API.


René Leonhardt said...

Now that we got Eclipse 3.4 and the automatic dropins folder, would it be possible to restructure the ZIP download archive to contain a proper structure in order to use it as a normal jar:file:/ installation package from the new Available Software tab?

René Leonhardt said...

Subclipse 1.4.0 has a proper ZIP archive, for example.