Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pydev release: 1.3.11

This release fixed some problems on the 3.3 integration (such as the undo/redo limit not being respected and the new 'insert spaces for tabs' in the general preferences conflicting with the pydev options).

Some niceties, such as being able to define custom filters in the pydev package explorer, not collapsing things in the outline unless really needed and having spell checking (which still depends on JDT -- because the Eclipse platform will only have that when 3.4 is released) are also there...

Now, the actual highlights were on the jython side this time: Java projects can now be referenced and have code-completion and go-to-definition working (actually, the go-to-definition is only available in pydev extensions) and the jython debugger should be finally working... There's even a little story about it:

The debugger used to work strangely in jython -- almost randomly... After lots of investigation, it turned up that pydev had a thread that was started with a delay to keep checking events in the debugger. That thread tried to run untraced, and changed sys.settrace(None) -- at that time, all stopped working (easy to say that now, but I had to go, get jython, compile it and run the debugger in a 'mixed mode' with the JDT/pydev debugger to find out about that).

In the end, changing sys.settrace in jython didn't only change the current thread tracing, but for the whole system... Paul Jean had already submitted a patch (which was applied to the trunk yesterday) so that that threads can run untraced... meanwhile, the pydev debugger is running with all threads traced on jython (checking for the actual version, so, as soon as a new jython release comes out, it should already be working).

Enjoy ;-)

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