Sunday, October 21, 2007

JDT Integration, zips and symlinks in Pydev

Right now I'm working on the pydev/JDT integration, so that pydev is able to provide a better code-completion for those working with jython.

I've just checked-in some code that is able to use JDT to gather completions for the jars defined in the jython interpreter. This fixes some things in the current integration, but it still can't do code-completion for project references (so, if you're working on a jython project that only depends on jars, that wouldn't be a problem, but if that's needed, there's still some work to do in that area).

Other areas worked recently (which should be available on a new release):
- Zip files are now supported in pydev.
- Symlinks are supported in the system pythonpath (but not in the project itself).

This release is taking a bit longer than usual, mostly because those changes are in some core areas, which makes them a bit more difficult, as lots of code depends on it -- good thing all the tests are still running ;-)

Also, a good approach to integrate JDT when it comes to java projects referenced from jython projects is something that's proving a bit more difficult than initially thought -- so, the next release will probably not have it... still, it's planned to be available soon after that.


José Fonseca said...

JDT integration with pydev is a welcomed feature, and comes in good timing.

I just wrote a plugin that adds Python support to Eclipse Monkey via Jython. The idea is not new as you know -- Pydev allows scripting with Jython for a long time, but Eclipse Monkey has quite a few things going for it (it was part of Europa release, accepts multiple languages, and standardizes a lot of the integration with Eclipse).

Having auto-completion for Eclipse classes when editing the Python scripts would be really helpful. (It would be even nicer to get hover-help for the classes Javadoc as JDT does, but that's hoping too much at the moment...)

Anyway, keep up the good work with Pydev! It's getting better and better!

Anonymous said...

Are there student licenses available?
The yearly price for a license is a bit steep for a student.


Fabio Zadrozny said...

Not currently...

What I have are licenses for those that contribute something to pydev (open source) -- it doesn't need to be code, nor even something big, it just needs to be something agreed upon.



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