Monday, March 12, 2007

Fresh pydev release: 1.3.0

Yeap, it's out... the package explorer now only has 1 minor glitch (still related to the actions, because they are not correctly synched with the selection in the tree, but it won't apply it wrong or anything -- just sometimes it will expand an item in the tree when it shouldn't -- hopefully that's the last one, as the others should be already fixed in this release)

And the extensions had one nice feature added: Find Occurrences: just select some word in the editor and press Ctrl+Shift+G and wait up to see the occurrences in your workspace (if you do that and then make a replace in the search view, it is almost the same as the rename refactoring -- but some people might like that better because you can cycle with Ctrl+. and review the occurrences in an open editor -- which sometimes in nicer than in the refactoring wizard)

The only drawback in that approach is if you want to rename a module... the search view still has to be customized to show python specific info, such as the module, class or method where the occurrence was found, etc -- because currently it will treat as if it was the return of a text-search and it would be nice if that context info could be shown in the search result -- but as it is, it's already quite handy.

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