Friday, February 09, 2007

Notes on configuring Zope and Pylons

Just wanted to note that recently I added a (rather short) how-to on configuring Pylons in the sourceforge forum

And for those configuring Zope, there is one little catch... Zope actually has multiple locations with a 'Products' folder (and the parent of those Products folder must be added to the pythonpath... to the system pythonpath if it is a part of zope or to the project pythonpath if it is a part of your project)...

Now, the catch is that the Products folder does not have an file... so, pydev won't recognize it as a valid python package unless an file is added to each of the Products folder...

Apparently zope does some 'hacking' with the pythonpath itself and adds some black-magic to the mix instead of using the regular python import structure, to have multiple 'Products' scattered around (python would usually find the first one and not get the other Products)... still, it seems that adding those files won't have any side-effect on zope itself (and will enable code-completion / code analysis for your projects).

Update: some more details were added to:

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