Saturday, December 16, 2006

Package Explorer status for Pydev

Well, the cvs implementation already had some nice improvements when compared to the current version (such as working with a working set), but there is one issue that is worrying me.

Basically, the current Eclipse CNF (Common Navigator Framework) has a critical bug for me, meaning that it has a little delay when synchronizing actions with the selected resource (the bug is reported at the eclipse bugzilla ), and it can be nasty... got me to delete a whole source folder instead of a single file, so, I guess I'll have to replace all the actions for the resource actions before actually considering it mature... Still, it already is a good way for browsing your project (although it still does not have the 'flat' mode implemented).


Alessandro Ronchi said...

Hi. I'm trying to use pydev into eclipse, but I have a problem:

I've added my plone and zope files on the project, but every import of Products.* gives errors.
I've added the plone/Products and zope/lib/python to my source folders, but it seems eclipse and pydev doesn't sees Products.Archetypes and so on.

what's the problem? I cannot do code completition and I cannot see what are real import errors, I cannot see class definition and I cannot use any hint from eclipse.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good work! Pydev is sweet.

Quick question: is "Package explorer" the same thing as being able to type, say, "numpy" and then "." and seeing all the functions, and even their headers?


Fabio Zadrozny said...

The package explorer will show the outline for source files (so, numpy wouldn't apply to that concept very nicely, as it has many builtin extensions).



Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for working on PyDev, it's great.

Just wondering though, is it just me or has the Task tags highlighting (i.e, detecting and marking out "TODO:" "FIXME:", etc) stopped working in the latest version?


Anonymous said...


There seem to be some issues with python processes not being freed after running python scripts within PyDev.
After scripts (started within PyDev) terminates, sometimes the process continues to stay in Task Manager (WinXP).

Any ideas? Thanks.

Fabio Zadrozny said...

Tasks work here (files need to be under the pythonpath for the project -- within a source folder), and the auto-build should be on.

As for the python processes, what you may be seeing are the processes that pydev uses for code-completion (it spawns a shell to get the builtin tokens for python and other compiled extensions).



Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the fast reply.

Ok, now I have a different question. Does code sometimes don't terminate cleanly when using some C++ based libraries, specifically ones that have their own memory management?

I do some PyOgre coding ( which is a python biding for Ogre3D the opensource Graphics Engine, in combination with wxPython to handle windowing. What happens is that, when I run code from within PyDev, then I click on the "X" on the top right of the window to close the window (which should close the process), within PyDev Console the Red Square would still be on, indicating that the process is not yet finished. And if I don't actually start the ogre process this wouldn't happen when I close the window.

I hope I haven't confused you too much, it's just that when I use other IDEs the process terminates cleanly, and I really wonder why it is.


Fabio Zadrozny said...

Humm... well, pydev should not actually affect that.

Pydev simply executes the command line from java, and that should not be different than running it from the prompt (so, it might be that even on the prompt you have a zombie process?)

If it was in the debugger, than the story might be different, because the debugger ends up doing more things than just running a command line...

Also, if you want more explanations, please post it in the pydev forum at

-- so, others can also benefit from what we're discussing about (in an easier way)