Thursday, September 07, 2006

Support for Python 2.5

No, it's not ready yet, but it has progressed a lot today.

Pydev now already has parser support for some of its new features that require changes in the grammar:
- The new relative import (from .. import foo / from import foo)
- The new if expression (a = 1 if bla else 2)

The code analysis seems to be working fine for the new if expression, but the new import will need additional work for recognizing it semantically (so, code completion still does not work with that new version).

Adding that new if expression was really tricky... Also, I always have to stare to the grammar and the javacc file for about 1 hour until it makes sense again ;-)

And here are some links needed to make those upgrades...
-- python grammar:
-- python parser (contains a version of Python.asdl for python:
-- what's new in python 2.5:

Also, it's a holliday here in Brazil, so, I won't be online again until monday...

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