Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Pydev Release 1.0.8

Pydev 1.0.8 has ben just released... A major bug triggered this release (that's why it's been issued in less than one day from the previous release).

Mainly, if you had a file that had a docstring at the global level with an empty line, it could get to a loop when adding a new-line to the document. This has been fixed and is already available for download.

Also, 2 other minors have been done for Pydev Extensions (but they surely would not be worth a release for them).

-- Fabio


DiGi said...

I still have same debug troubles - since 1.0.6 (last 1.0.5 works fine).

Trouble point is pydo/

def _import_a_class(fqcn):
line 56:
return getattr(module, className)
- exactly "className" - when i watch it python.exe raise exception and is terminated.

Fabio Zadrozny said...

Can you report that as a bug in the sf bugtracker? (

Also, it would be nice more details, such as when is this called (when you hit a breakpoint? Or any run in debug mode?)

It would also be nice that you could change the library to print what exactly are the parameters it is receiving when this happens (module and className)...

To me it appears a bug in pydo that is being triggered by the debugger rather than the other way (so, it might be nice for you to report that to the pydo guys too)