Monday, February 06, 2006

Pydev 1.0.1

Yeap, just some hours after releasing version 1.0 I had to release 1.0.1... This is because of one of the stupidest bugs I ever did...

I accidentally commented a line... and it probably occured between passing the unit-tests and making the build.

Yeah,yeah, I know, I should pass the tests only when it is already built... but I still have to work out on how to do that in the pydev structure.

Well, 1.0.1 is already out, so, enjoy it.




Anonymous said...

When I 'check for updates' in Eclipse, it doesn't see the new version of PyDev. Is that because of the change in major version number?
Should I un-install the previous version before installing the new version?

cheers and congratulations on reaching the 1.0 mark!


Fabio Zadrozny said...

Actually, the most 'common' report I get from that is because Eclipse caches this kind of stuff, so, if you restart Eclipse and go to the update site it should work...

If you are using sf, sometimes it also takes a time to synch it (you could also try the mirror, that has both versions of Pydev).