Monday, December 19, 2005

User manual

No, still have not done it...

But it's starting to annoy me that there is no real manual, I mean, the FAQ ( already covers most 'usual' doubts, and some simple steps are provided on how to get started, but there is still nothing to cover the way from the basics to the advanced topics, making the learning curve deeper that it should be...

Also, for some reason, some questions keep being asked in the forum over and over again (probably my fault in the end anyway), so, I'm starting to think that spending some time on a good manual would be a 'time-saver' in the end.

I'll probably make this a 'new year resolution' ;-)




Anonymous said...

Well, documentation is usually not fun to write, but it will nearly always save you time and effort afterwards.

It guarantees the survival of any project in the long run.

If questions from the FAQ keep being asked, then you might want to place a stronger reference to the FAQ on the pydev project page; make it more visible.

Thx for pydev, btw. I enjoy it greatly. (and I will donate)

Anonymous said...

SourceForge has PHP nad MySQL Afair.
So You can install some Wiki and try documenting it.

Or You can even install some Wiki+Blog, so You would be bloggin on the SF's page and any speech would easily convert to wiki-based doumntation.

Or, if to stay with Python, there is Trac: wiki+bugtracker (but, alas, no blog)