Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Release and some updates

Ok, long time after last post (2 releases occured in this time).

I hope you're all enjoying them by the way -- I know that the numbering is not so good (too little numbers), and all those releases would be worth some better numbering, but we're already too close to 1.0 for that (maybe I should just go to it, but there always seems to be one last remaining thing before it goes to 1.0... so, having 10 releases between 0.9.8 and 0.9.9 might be the way to go -- altough I'm still unsure if that will actually happen).

Anyway, the last releases brought lots of things... I'm especially happy with code-completion handling all those relative and wild imports (python makes this very difficult to get correctly in a static way as pydev does). Also, as posted before, the debugger improved a lot -- altough there is always room for doing it better. I'm now thinking about how to do 'hot swap' of the code in debug mode, but that's something that surely will not come before 1.0.

Also, I'm looking for sponsors for pydev, as I'd really like to spend more time on it (and give all a better IDE), but I'm kind of unable to do it without gathering some financial support -- also, small donations are very welcome, as many small can do for one big donation :-)



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